Why You Should Take A Dude Ranch Vacation

Have you ever wondered, what is a dude ranch? The term “dude” sparks much confusion among travelers, especially when the word is so widely recognized as a friendly term of endearment for describing a man, surfer, or close friend. Here, the word derives from the late 1800s and early 1900s when Western cattle ranchers, a.k.a. cowboys, would refer to big-shot city slickers and urbanites as a “dude”. When city folk discovered that ranches nestled among the trees and in the wide open West made for great getaways, ranches broke into the tourism business and started to host them, calling themselves guest ranches, or “dude ranches”. Straight from The Dude Ranchers’ Association , a dude ranch is a vacation destination that hosts guests to share in their Western lifestyle activities. Typically, a dude ranch is an all-inclusive immersive vacation that provides lodging, meals, horseback riding adventures, fishing, hiking, campfire, and much more. Plan your ranch vacation at our California Dude Ranch today.

At Greenhorn Ranch, you will be tucked away in the mountains of Northern California’s remote Plumas County. Take a look at some of the photos below to gain a better understanding of what you will experience when you visit a dude ranch.

Whether you want to visit a dude ranch to cultivate your cowboy or connect with nature, one thing is for sure, you will disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life filled with never-ending distractions.

Get a Taste of Real Cowboy Living at the Greenhorn Ranch.