7 Reasons Our California Dude Ranch Is The Best Family Vacation

A horseback trail ride through the forest at Greenhorn Ranch

You want a vacation where you can relax, recharge, and take in the beautiful scenery around you. You want to connect with your family and share in an adventure where the memories will last a lifetime. A dude ranch vacation getaway will provide your family the best family-oriented getaway. Described as a a cattle ranch converted to a vacation resort for tourists, there is something for everyone at our California dude ranch. With all the benefits of an all-inclusive family resort, a dude ranch offers its guests a chance to get to know the Wild West like never before. Your family will get the chance to get out in Mother Nature and enjoy activities that aren’t everyday experiences. Here is a list of the top 7 reasons why our California dude ranch should be on your family vacation bucket list.

1. Connect to Nature

The importance of connecting to nature has never been more prevalent in today’s modern world of constant busyness and stimulation.

A woman on horseback overlooking the pine forest valley at Greenhorn Ranch

There is something about the outdoors that makes it easier to connect with one another. Whether it be the sunshine, the gentle breeze, the towering trees, or the bright blue sky that draws us to nature, they all help us to disconnect from our hectic lives to focus on what is truly important – family.

When was the last time you ran barefoot in the grass?

Or taken a deep breath of fresh mountain air from the back of a horse?

Connecting to nature is a given when you visit a Dude Ranch whether you are horseback riding, fishing, or just simply stargazing.

2. You Will Unwind and Unplug

A mom and two daughters roasting marshmallows at the campfire

Learning to truly unwind and unplug will help you to become happier and more balanced. When we spend our time in nature, we learn the benefits of becoming unplugged. Being in nature naturally calms us and brings us a feeling of inner peace.

More than likely the Wi-Fi will be pretty limited, forcing you to put down the electronics and enjoy the scenery around you. Take comfort In knowing that breakfast, lunch, and dinner are taken care of by the ranch staff. Relax after a long day of horseback riding and fly-fishing lessons with a cold beer from the saloon. Cozy up by the campfire and challenge your family on who can make the most delicious S’more (hint: everyone wins at this game).

3. The Kids Will Be Stimulated – Without a Screen

A family fishing at Greenhorn Lake

Due to wifi being very limited, most cell phones and tablets will not work, providing the ultimate technology detox for your children.

Roasting Marshmallows around a campfire is a favorite family pastime at Greenhorn Ranch but we want to teach you some new traditions. Bullfrog races, rodeo games, stargazing, chuckwagon cookouts, line dancing, fishing derbies, and water balloon fights are just a few of the events you can expect during your stay. Seasonal activities might include snowshoe tours or Fall foliage hikes.

4. You Will Be Closer as a Family

A family enjoying s'mores around the campfire at the Ranch

We know that the goal for your family vacation is to create an experience that inspires togetherness and fun. The activities that Greenhorn Ranch has to offer will not only be fun for the kids, but fun for parents to join in, as well. When you do things as a family, a marvelous thing happens: trust, closeness, and bonds are formed, and memories that last a lifetime are made.

5. You Will Try Something New

When visiting a dude ranch, you are sure to try something you’ve never done before. At Greenhorn Ranch, we work to customize the getaway you want. With horseback adventures taking center stage, we want you to expand your curiosity and branch out to a new activity you may have never tried before.

High-five after catching a fish at the lake at Greenhorn Ranch

Have you always wanted to try mountain biking? We’ve got the trail just for you.

Can you imagine fishing, golfing, and playing horseshoes all in one day? That’ the norm at Greenhorn Ranch.

6. You Will Make New Friends

People enjoying a concert at Greenhorn Ranch

You will meet families from all over the world on your dude ranch vacation experience. At Greenhorn Ranch, families gather in the Chuckhouse for all three meals to refuel for the next adventure. There is a pretty good chance you will sit next to the same family you met on your 2 hour trail ride in the mountains. Get acquainted, you’ll be seeing more of them around the ranch!

7. You’ll Experience a Change of Scenery – and Pace!

Breaking out of your routine once in a while is necessary to experience the joys this life has to offer. When you visit a dude ranch, you will no doubt experience a view unlike any you’ve seen before. Beautiful mountain peaks, pristine forests and open pastures are just a few of the views you’ll be unable to take your eyes off of.

Life moves a little bit slower on a dude ranch and that’s just the way we like it. The focus of your dude ranch vacation will be about slowing it down. It will be about taking your time and enjoying every single experience deliberately and consciously, something that we take advantage of in our every day activities.

There are so many benefits of a dude ranch vacation and these are just 7 of the top reasons. From meeting new friends to trying something new, your dude ranch vacation will allow you to connect with your family and disconnect from technology. Do yourself a favor and consider a dude ranch for your next family vacation.

From all of us at Greenhorn Ranch, we promise that the memories you make during your stay will be remembered for a lifetime.