Slowing Down on the Ranch

In this age of technology, social media and news detaching or unplugging from our routines, responsibilities and expectations allows us to reconnect to what’s really important. Family, friends, this beautiful nature, and yourself.

A mom and daughter enjoying a family vacation at the Ranch

Greenhorn Ranch is the ideal location to cultivate this environment. Tucked high up in the trees on the side of a mountain WiFi and 4G is frustratingly (at first) very weak but within a short amount of time you’ll find yourself enjoying the disconnect, which allows for the reconnect. This is when we stop to smell the fresh pine in the air or lose ourself in the gaze at the incredible skyline of mountain tops and sunsets or see that doe across the grass.

At Greenhorn Ranch you can sit by the pond (of course cocktail or brew in hand!) and watch the littles catch their first fish, and if your lucky see our resident bald eagle fish from our pond! A place to make memories with your family as you embark on a horseback ride to the summit and be awestruck by the view from this mountain top. The moment you bond with another family and suddenly plan next years vacation to meet here again creates a environment like no other. An environment for adventure, relaxation, family, friends and love.

A family with a young baby and a dog resting on the green grass by Greenhorn Lake

This is the place to “lose” yourself and find something worth so much more. The group of locals and out-of-towners that create our Greenhorn Family is vast and ever expanding. We enthusiastically welcome you to join our family!