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The Jewel of the “Lost Sierra”

Hidden between the larger Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges, the region’s “Lost Sierra” name was coined at the time the Pony Express riders galloped through Northern California to deliver the mail.

Today the area encompasses Plumas County and of the town of Quincy, home to Greenhorn Ranch, Lost Sierra’s jewel.

A scenic view of pine trees in front with the Sierra forest in the background

A Brief History of Quincy, California

Elizabethtown Marker near Quincy California
Elizabethtown marker (photo credit: Wikimedia)

In 1852, California’s Elizabethtown was a quintessential Gold Rush settlement. The village subsequently moved its location to the American Valley after James Bradley donated land in Plumas County. Bradley then renamed Elizabethtown after his farm in Illinois, honoring John Quincy Adams. Later, it became the county seat. The post office opened in 1852 and the town was officially recognized in 1858.

Today, Quincy is the headquarters of the Plumas National Forest which encompasses 500,000 acres of public lands. Best of all, it is home to the deluxe Greenhorn Ranch.

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