Horseback Riding

Whether you’re an experienced rider, or have never had the thrill of being on a horse, the Greenhorn Ranch in Quincy, CA, is a great place to saddle up.

Come ride with us and experience true, rugged horseback riding; creek crossings, uphills that end in breathtaking vistas, and loping through the serene forest of Northern California. Enjoy a number of trails, like the one that gently meanders along the beautifully shaded Greenhorn Creek, or the trail that takes you to the mountain tops for an amazing view from Lyle’s Meadow. Our wranglers aren’t only experienced guides, but they can also fill you in on the local history.

We have 60 horses of all sizes, most are geldings, but we have mares too. Our herd is largely Quarter Horses with some Belgians, Haflingers, and Mustangs as well. They spend our off-season in our 100-acre pasture frolicking with the rest of the herd. Many of our horses were born and raised at the Greenhorn.

Our all-inclusive packages offer daily guided trail rides. Our beginner group rides are open to all and we also offer qualified intermediate and advanced guided rides well matched to your skill level. Our full time wranglers know all the best trails and can pair you with the perfect horse. For youngsters we also have lead-arounds, horse grooming and wagon rides. Get in touch with your inner cowpoke and enjoy a memorable riding experience.

Riding Assessment

Greenhorn Ranch requires riding assessment for riders desiring to participate on rides that include trotting, loping, or cantering. In order to maintain this offering, we must maintain a high level of safety. Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of riders and horses. This assessment is offered on specific days and considers the following:

  • Rider must be able to ride at a controlled trot or lope one horse length behind the horse in front of it.
  • Rider must be able to maintain proper riding position for a western saddle, including reins, hands, seat, and feet.
  • Rider must be able to follow instruction and cue horse effectively.

Arena Lessons

We offer basic horsemanship lessons weekly, to assist you in learning how to avoid common position flaws and be safely balanced in the saddle. This will help you and your horse feel better during and after your rides. If advancing your riding ability is a goal while staying with us, we want to help you pursue this goal.

On the Trail

While you may love to relax and take in the scenery as you ride, it’s important to actively ride and act as your horse’s leader. As “the captain,” you’re in charge of where your horse goes and where he looks. A proper riding position will enable you to cue him effectively and let him know that you’re not just along for a ride.

What an amazing experience. Plenty of things to do, including horseback riding, skeet shooting, fishing, swimming pool, archery, hiking, or just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
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